About the Conference

Space is essential for our existence. Movement is a basic human need and sport is any regular physical activity. The purpose of the conference is to draw attention to mobility needs of the citizens and the function of their living environment in relation to urban scenery and traffic arrangements in the cities. The program of the conference is divided into four parts. The first part deals with the position of sport in social environment. The second one entails the image of public space from a perspective of sport areas and facilities. The third part consists of open topics in the context of the conference and the last part includes case studies. The conference is intended for experts from the fields of sport, architecture, urbanism, environment, transport, civil engineering and others who are interested in the topics presented at the conference.

Key dates:

15. May 2018:  deadline for submission of proposals

15. June 2018:  deadline for abstract submission

15. July 2018:  end of early registration

15. August 2018:  deadline for registration of presenting authors

Conference Schedule:

(will be added soon)


Honorary Committee

Zoran Janković (Mayor of  the City of Ljubljana)

Igor Papič (Rector of the University of Ljubljana)

Bogdan Gabrovec (President of the Olympic Committee of Slovenia)

Maja Makovec Brenčič (Minister of Education, Science and Sport)

Janez Kocijančič (President of The European Olympic Committees)

Program Committee

Milan Žvan (University of Ljubljana, Dean of Faculty of Sport)

Sigmund Loland (Norwegian School of Sport Sciences)

Marta Bon (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Sport)

Janez Koželj (Vice Mayor of the City of Ljubljana)

Boro Štrumbelj (Ministry of Education, Science and Sport)

Gregor Jurak (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Sport)

Organizing Committee

Milan Žvan – Chair

Marta Bon – Member

Dušan Macura – Member

Organizing Team

Martin Bobnar 

Miha Hain

Sandra Ivanović

Karmen Jordan – Secretary

Barbara Jeglič 

Karin Kavčič

Dušan Macura – Leader

Luka Peče