Part 1: Sport and the Environment

Urban environment, infrastructure, sustainable mobility

Cultural, economic, political and other effects of sport

Sport, public space and urban mobility

Parks, walking and cycling zones

Hiking and environmentalism

Part 2: Sport Facilities

Capacities of the public space for living and free mobility in comparison to roads and shopping malls

Space needed for free mobility and sport subculture

Sport facilities and areas

Urban environmental policy

Part 3: Open Topics

Free papers in the context of the conference

Part 4: Case Studies

Practical examples (best practice, dysfunctional practice)


Abstract format:

The principle of author autonomy applies to all abstracts. Abstracts are restricted to 3000 characters (including spaces, title, and references). The abstract can be prepared in a form of a research report, a study or an essay.


The presentations can be oral or in a form of a poster.